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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you likely have many questions about small business sales and working with a intermediary, especially if this is your first time selling a business. Match Biz, Inc. strives to ensure that all your questions are answered and all concerns addressed. Here, we've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have more, feel free to contact us and don't forget about our free business valuations!

Why should I use Match Biz, Inc. to sell my business?

Our staff has more than 20 years of business experience and understands the intricacies of selling a business. We'll help you price your business appropriately with a free business valuation, and we'll help find the most qualified buyers. We advertise your business on more than 300 websites and newspapers around the world, and we cost 40% less than many other brokers.

What is the difference between a non-exclusive contract and an exclusive right to sell?

An exclusive right to sell means that even if you find your buyer through your own marketing efforts, or you sell to family or friends, you still have to pay the broker their full fee. With a non-exclusive contract, you only pay us if we bring you the final buyer of your business. We collect no fees unless we're directly responsible for the sale.

How long is your contract?

There is no time limit on your contract to sell. We continue sending you buyers until the business sells, or you choose to cancel the service.

How much do you charge?

There are no up-front fees to use our business selling service. We only collect a fee if your business sells to one of our buyers. In that case, the fee is 6% of the selling price.

How do you value my business?

We start with a business valuation service, which is free of charge. Using past sales and the knowledge we've gathered from over 20 years of experience, we consider market conditions, type of businesses, assets, and owner benefits to determine a fair price. The market will tell us quickly if we have valued your business correctly, and we can make adjustments as needed based on changing conditions.