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Why should I use Matchmaker Business,

Inc. to sell my business?

18 years experience, understanding selling a business is all about pricing it correctly, through our business valuation. Not only finding qualified buyers but teaching our sellers how to get their business sold.  We advertise our sellers business on over 150 worldwide fee based business for sale websites, NO ONE advertises on more. All non exclusive contracts and fees 40% less than other brokers.

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What is difference between a non exclusive

contract and an exclusive right to sell?

Huge difference...exclusive right to sell means even if you sell your business to your best friend you will still have to pay the broker their full fee, it means if you advertise on your own and the broker has nothing to do with finding the buyer they will still want their fee if you sell it to someone you found A non exclusive contract is what we use for all of our sellers, and its just the way it sounds.  We collect NO fee unless we produce the buyer, if the sellers find the buyer on their own than we collect absolutely nothing.

How long is your contract?

No time limit on our contract, we will continue sending you buyers until your business sells, or you can cancel at any time.

How much do you charge?

We have no upfront fees and ONLY collect a fee if your business sells to one of our buyers.  Then it is 6% of the selling price.  

How do you value my business?

We will do a business valuation, at no charge, using past sales, our years of experience, market conditions, type of business, assets and owner benefit.  The market will usually tell us very quickly if we have valued your business correctly.
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